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I tried the Act + Acre Scalp Recovery System


The past 5 years have been really difficult for my hair and scalp. I have had struggles with dry scalp, flaky dandruff, and psoriasis flare ups on my head as well as damaged hair from over-processing (at this time I was 3x over bleached) and coloring. I was fed up and looking for a way to restore my hair so I tried the Act + Acre Scalp Recovery System

I was washing and stripping my hair of its natural moisture every single day, because I washed my hair every single day. Basically, I didn’t know that was unhealthy for the hair to be washed everyday, until my hair was trained to be washed everyday and now I’m left trying to stretch out the time between washes.

I’m not going to lie, when I first started using this product (after years of using chemicals on my hair) it just made my hair dry and course… and I ended up chopping the damaged parts off to try and help my hair health in anyway I could. Then I kept with it, because I really wanted to try and get my hair used to clean products.

What is the Act + Acre 3-Step Scalp Recovery System?

The Act + Acre three step system begins with the Scalp Detox pretreatment, which you leave on for 20 minutes before you wash. It is a blend of moringa oil and cooling vetiver that moisturizes while dissolving buildup. Then there is the Cold Processed Hair Cleanse, which is sulfate-free and packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like ylang-ylang, rosemary, lavender, and amaranth oil. It is actually safe for frequent use because it doesn’t strip hair of its moisture. After is the Cold Processed Hair Conditioner which has cuticle-smoothing amaranth oil.

What were my results?

So this is what happened. At first it took awhile for me to feel like it was working. My hair felt SO CLEAN, cleaner than it every has but it felt dry and tangled… and I was still having to wash everyday. Then I added the Plant Based Dry Shampoo into the mix and started washing my hair every other day. Now I am at every three days which is HUGE, for someone who had to wash her hair every day.

Now, over a month in, my hair is so much thicker and fuller. It’s soft again and has moisture and is so smooth! I have volume and height which I’ve never had before! I always had very oily weighted down hair. My scalp is SO MUCH LESS ITCHY. I used to scratch my head and dust off my shoulders (and not in a cool Jay-Z way). Now I have relief. I still have a dry scalp, and Psoriasis flare ups, this is not a cure. But it is a damn good option for some relief.

I cannot recommend this product more if you are looking to use all natural clean beauty products, want thicker hair, or would like to restore your scalp health.

Also I was not paid or given these products to review. I bought and tried them on my own and my experience and opinions are my own! That’s why it’s part of my Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness.

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