I completed 75Hard and this is what I learned


75hard is the viral mental toughness challenge you’re seeing everyone doing. It is the mental toughness trait that I wanted to develop my own life. Traits like courage, determination, focus, discipline, grit, and adaptability… so I could start squashing my self-limiting-belief and confidence in myself.

So, I completed 75Hard on my first attempt. I used my same philosophy for my sobriety, stay sober NO MATTER WHAT and to focus on ONE DAY AT A TIME. I am emotional and so proud of myself. But after that, it got hard, I am currently on attempt 3 of Phase 1 after restarting twice. Once because I forgot one of my power list tasks (practice my Dual Lingo) and two because I cheated and ate “keto” chicken and waffles. Yes, it was in my macros but I don’t think that’s what Andy is challenging us to do. Anyways, focus Michelle — you can follow along on my instagram to get my day to day struggles, but here I wanted to recap my 75hard experience.

The rules of the 75 Hard program are simple, but not easy. You must follow a strict set of rules for 75 days straight, no excuses, no changes, no excuses, no cheating… and there is a purpose. We make so many excuses in our lives. So many times where we choose the easier way, rather than challenging ourselves and allowing ourselves to grow because the easy way is more comfortable.

What Is 75Hard? What Are The Rules?

Here is my understanding of the program. I read the book, I used the app and I listened to the podcasts. But, this is my understanding… please go use these resources for yourself.

Follow a Diet

Choose a diet and stick to it. Don’t over think it, just figure it out. Figure out what you will and will not eat and stick to it. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it is for you to decide and then just BE CONSISTENT. Don’t “cheat” meaning plan out your meals and if you go off plan, then you restart.

Work out twice a day, for at least 45 minutes

Workout for 45 straight minimum, two times a day. One of those workouts must be outside. Both can be outside. The purpose is to factor in that weather is something you cannot control, and to be able to endure things out of your control.

Drink a gallon of water

Easy, just drink a gallon of water. Just plain water. Water to hydrate you. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so we need to stay hydrated to function properly. It’s the holy grail of hydration.

No Cheat Meals & No Alcohol

Make a plan of what you’re going to eat, and stick to it. And also no drinking alcohol for 75 days. There’s nothing else to say.

Take progress pictures every day

Just take the progress picture! I used to HATE taking progress pics, but after I lost 50 pounds I wish I had taken more. This is a great way to track your progress, but also a great way to literally SEE your energy change.

Read 10 pages

Pick a self-help non-fiction book and learn how you can start implementing some new ideas as you push through this challenge. 10 pages a day everyday. Read an actual book, no audiobooks allowed.

What did I do during 75hard?

  • Diet: Keto under 20 net carbs a day, 90g fats, 56g protein + ketone supplements (What are ketones?)
  • Workouts:
    • Peloton Rides
    • Peloton Yoga
    • Peloton Bike Bootcamp
    • Melissa Wood Health
    • Hikes
    • Walks
    • Runs

What I learned completing 75hard:

  • I have a history of making excuses and stopping myself from achieving what I want
  • My time is valuable
  • The results you want are decisions away
  • Discipline and consistency make results
  • I can make time for anything important to me
  • That book I thought I didn’t have time for, an excuse.
  • That workout I didn’t have time for, an excuse.

What I accomplished doing 75hard:

  • 6,750+ minutes of workouts
  • 75 gallons of water
  • 75 progress photos
  • 75 straight keto days
  • 75 days drinking ketones 2x a day
  • Read 5 books
    • 75Hard
    • GoPro
    • You’re A Badass At Making Money
    • The Four Agreements
    • Atomic Habits
  • Added 75 more days to my sobriety
  • 75 days of no excuses
  • 75 days of following guidelines set to transform me
  • 3 extended fasts using the reboot kit.
  • SW: 127.8lbs CW: 118lbs – 9.8 pounds lost
  • Metabolic Age: down from 29 to 27

My Results

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